Sediment Control Fence.
We use only quality Proplex 1380 material in our sediment control and this enhances our price and service above any of our competitors.

Waste Enclosures.
Waste enclosures are supplied in black weedmat or proplex 1380 material. They are 3m x 3m, 3 sided with an opening 4m to 5m from the front entrance.

Maintenance and Repairs.
We also provide a maintenance service to restore and repair any damage caused to any of our products: we can also liaise in any siltation matters with local councils on your behalf.


Other services provided.

  • Culvert Protection
  • Gutter cleaning and sweeping
  • Consultations in any sediment control situations
  • Tree protection
  • Safety barriers
  • Windblown waste containers
  • Straw bale bags
  • Sandbags
  • Silt socks
  • Drop gates