Our main service is the installation of the Sediment fence. This is the most efficient barrier for retaining sediment on site. The sediment fence is a specially manufactured geotextile material and is very effective in retaining partials larger than 0,02mm allowing water to filter through.

Stage 1

The sediment control fence must be constructed as close as possible to follow the contours of the building site. A trench must be constructed to a depth of 150mm the entire length of the fence line.

Stage 2

1.1m hardwood posts are driven into the ground a maximum 3 metres apart, and one at each end.

Stage 3

Staple the material to the first post, if the material is folded back on itself it well give a stronger fastening.

Stage 4

The fabric must be pulled tight and a support loop wrapped around the post for added strength.

Stage 5

Keep the frabric square and tight and stable the fabric to the next post.

Stage 6

The previous two stages are carried out for each post.

Stage 7

Once the fabric has been fully attached to each post, the trench must be filled in and compacted on both sides of the fence.

Stage 8

A fully installed fence ready for use.